Commercial Driveway Paving Services

Trapper City Paving: North Bay Commercial Paving Contractors

Trapper City Paving (TCP) has been handling paving jobs in the commercial and municipal sectors in North Bay for many years. We’ve successfully handled everything from small asphalt jobs on commercial lots to rural street paving and have gained a reputation as the contractors to call when it needs to get done right and on time. Chances are good you’ve parked on a lot or driven on a street that we’ve done work on in North Bay and the surrounding area.

Asphalt restoration for utilities is done right and on your schedule. Servicing local and out of town general contractors, Trapper City Paving coordinates your asphalt restoration services including pre-dig saw cutting and traffic control. We offer timely paving services for road crossings, boulevards and anywhere else you need to remove and replace asphalt as part of your roadwork or construction project.

Paving services to Satisfy municipal requirements for your project

Municipalities and towns are understandably very insistent that any roadways or pavement that are disturbed for construction projects are replaced and repaired in a timely manner. We are aware of the usual timelines that the city of North Bay and surrounding municipalities have in place for this type of work and we ensure that it is done to their exacting standards and on time - every time.

Getting it done right

There’s a big difference between just getting a job done and doing it right. Our experienced estimators can see right away if there are water runoff issues on a job site and plan the job accordingly. If your commercial job is in a high-traffic area, there are additional issues to consider. We act as your project manager and communicate with stakeholders, get necessary permits and ensure the safety of your workers – and ours – on all jobs.

Keep your businessopen while paving

Our project estimate includes a plan for minimizing disruption to your business while we are paving, including installation of temporary walkways for foot traffic, plans for where employees and customers have to park, and all necessary signage.

Make your business a more welcoming space

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Our Services Include

  • Pre-asphalt saw cutting of asphalt and required traffic control as per Ontario regulation Book 7

  • Expert installation of asphalt pavement on commercial and municipal sites

  • Installation of safe, temporary walkways for foot traffic where necessary.

  • Communication with all stakeholders, including adjacent property owners and local government.

  • Securing all necessary permits for your job.

  • Full trenching services.

  • Strict adherence to all job deadlines, rush work available.

  • Excellent working relationships with all utilities and local government.

  • Knowledge of what utilities and government are looking for so we can ensure your job is done to their satisfaction.

  • Cost-cutting measures such as cleaning and reinstalling existing interlocking brick

  • Culvert installations


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