Residential Paving


Riddle Crescent

This home showcases a typical smaller residential asphalt driveway installation, with asphalt paving directly to the garage doors and beside the home.

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Interlock Skirt Driveway

This driveway features an interlock skirt at the front entrance that we designed so that asphalt didn’t go right to the front step.

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Tower Drive

This postcard-perfect driveway is over 300 feet long – our longest residential installation so far. Not pictured is a huge parking pad beside the house.

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Silver Lady Lane

In this installation, we removed the existing interlock driveway and put down asphalt. Over 50 tons of asphalt were used in this circular driveway.

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Gorman Street

We partnered with James Gilbert Landscaping for this job. They handled the interlock paving design and installation. The customer requested road mix rather than regular asphalt for the installation.

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Turner Drive

Trapper City Paving designed the interlock paving and asphalt for this impressive residential driveway. The interlock paving borders the asphalt all around with rounded corners on the asphalt towards the driveway...

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