Residential Driveway Paving Services

Trapper City Paving: We know your neighbourhood

Trapper City Paving has been paving driveways in North Bay and surrounding areas for enough time that we know the unique challenges on each street and every neighbourhood. Each driveway is designed to take on North Bay’s harsh weather conditions to keep it looking beautiful years after the job is finished.

We’re not just pavers – we’re driveway designers

Trapper City Paving is helmed by Terri McGregor[AM1] , who personally conducts each estimate and produces designs for you to choose from. Terri’s expertise is unmatched and her attention to all the small details that each homeowner wants shows in our finished driveways[AM2] . Our residential driveways range from simple resurfacing jobs to elaborate showpieces with imported custom paving stones. Our expert team of bricklayers and pavers execute the vision that you and Terri create together, giving your home the curb appeal you’ve always wanted.

Our Services Include

Installation of interlocking paving stones by expert bricklayers

Preservation of landscape features during the paving process

Getting clearances and locates for utilities

Accounting for storm runoff and other potential issues in the design process

Designing a driveway that can handle heavy equipment, boats and other toys

We handle every detail of your driveway design process. If you want custom materials over and above what we provide, we will suggest the best local vendors for items like brick, tile, or any other features you want in your new driveway.

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Our Quality Guarantee

If you have any questions or concerns about your new driveway after it is installed, call us and we’ll take care of any issues, no matter how minor. Most of our business is from customer referrals, so we want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your new driveway.

Integrity in Pricing

It doesn’t matter where your home is located – the estimate for your driveway is based on the scope of work involved, not the neighbourhood it resides in.


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